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  • 226. Canadian pavilion welcomes one millionth visitor

    2010. 3 June

    The Canadian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 received its one millionth visitor Wednesday.

    ( Qiao Renbiao, an engineer from Shanghai, was identified as the pavilion's one millionth visitor. Qiao, along with his family, was welcomed by two of Canadian's cabinet ministers and the pavilion's Commissioner General Dashan, or Mark H. Rowswell, a famous Canadian performer in China.
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  • 227. Urban transformation for 'better life'

    2010. 3 June

    ( Hundreds of officials from government join leaders in academia and business from some 180 cities and 38 countries and regions in Shanghai today to explore how progressive cities are transforming to meet 21st century demands. Click here >> more info...
  • 228. Xebec signs cooperation agreement with leading chinese biogas company

    2010. 3 June

    ( Xebec Adsorption Inc. CA:XBC 0.73, -0.04, -5.19%) ("Xebec"), a provider of biogas upgrading, natural gas and hydrogen purification solutions for the clean energy market, announced today that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Qingdao Tianren Environment Co. Ltd. ("Tianren") for the development of anaerobic digestion systems that produce renewable compressed natural gas ("CNG") vehicle fuel from waste materials. The signing ceremony took place at the Canadian Pavilion at World Expo in Shanghai in the presence of the Canadian Minister of International Trade Mr. Peter Van Loan. Click here >> more info...
  • 229. Vietnam bamboo pavilion raises eyebrows

    2010. 3 June

    A bamboo-dominated work by an award-winning architect has made the Viet Nam Pavilion stand out at the World Expo 2010 now open in Shanghai, China.

    ( Vo Trong Nghia used 50,000 bamboo strips to build the pavilion and give it a highly romantic look. The use of bamboo also gives the pavilion, previously a 1,000sq.m warehouse, a cooling effect.
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  • 230. Space Pavilion: Crazy mascots and fake legos

    2010. 3 June

    by Elaine Chow
    ( How disappointing! To be honest, one of the pavilions I was looking forward to before the Expo opened was the Space Pavilion. Sure, the description on the Expo website was a little vague - I had no idea what "The Origin of Dreams" was supposed to convey - but there was going to be a "Spacewalk" they promised.

    I figured, with the many strides the space industry has made in China over the past few years, they'd have something pretty awesome to show.
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  • 231. China pavilion features Qin Shihuang's bronze chariots

    2010. 3 June

    The first bronze chariot in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, a Chinese national cultural treasure, were officially unveiled in the first exhibition area of the China pavilion at Shanghai World Expo.

    ( The chariots joined another treasure at the China pavilion: the Ming dynasty painting Qiu Ying's "Riverside scene at Qingming Festival."
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  • 232. Indonesian Pavilion draws one million visitors

    2010. 2 June

    ( The Indonesian Pavilion has attracted more than one million visitors in the first month of the six-month 2010 World Expo Shanghai China (WESC), Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said Tuesday.

    “We have good news from Shanghai. Our Indonesian Pavilion has just recorded one million visitors after one month participating in the WESC,” Mari proudly Click here >> more info...

  • 233. John Prescott gives seal of approval to Liverpool’s Expo pavilion

    2010. 2 June

    Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has given his seal of approval to Liverpool’s pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.

    ( Mr Prescott, who is set to be made a Lord, described his experience of Liverpool’s offering as “great” following a visit.
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  • 234. Sweden's Children Day at Expo2010

    2010. 2 June

    Swedish Pavilion, within Zone C of the Expo site, staged for a whole day a grand carnival to celebrate the Children’s Day, inspire and entertain children from both China and Sweden.

    by Fang Pei

    ( On June 1, the Swedish Committee for Expo 2010 in Shanghai invited representatives from Sweden Consulate General, Sweden Trade Commitee and children from the quake-striken Yushu county, Qinghai province to particiapte the special carnival. More than 50 children took part in the event.
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  • 235. Motorola Teams With Innofidei and ASTRI to Promote TD-LTE Ecosystem

    2010. 2 June

    ( The Networks business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), the main provider of indoor TD-LTE coverage at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, has teamed with Innofidei to enable visitors at the expo to experience mobile broadband on the world's first pre-commercial TD-LTE network. One of a select group of chipset providers chosen by China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), Innofidei has collaborated with the Hong Kong Applied Science Click here >> more info...
  • 236. Number of visitors to Shanghai Expo exceeds 8 million

    2010. 2 June

    ( More than 8 million tourists have visited the Shanghai World Expo as of 9 p.m., May 31, exactly one month since the event opened, according to organizers.

    The average daily visitor volume was around 260,000. The Expo Site attracted 327,500 visitors on May 31 and more than 500,000 on May 29.

    The number of visitors has been growing Click here >> more info...

  • 237. Urban Art Projects unveils seven major artworks

    2010. 2 June

    Weave: Cultural City - Cultural Life

    ( Leading international design studio Urban Art Projects (UAP) has unveiled seven major public art sculptures for the main entrance areas of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, which opened to the public on 1st May and runs through until 31 October.

    UAP was selected from over 100 international tenders to design the exuberant, inspiring and playful artworks which include fireworks,
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  • 238. São Paulo Special Day

    2010. 1 June

    ( The celebration of São Paulo Special Day at the Shanghai Expo, on June 4, is the most expected event at the world exhibition. Music, dance and the main representatives of the culture will show the world why São Paulo is a multicultural, multiracial and contemporary city. Between June 2 and 6 a series of attractions promise to shake the Expo, in China.

    The special programming begins this Wednesday, June 2, when São Paulo's City Ballet will make a presentation at the stage of the Entertainment Hall Click here >> more info...

  • 239. For a better World Expo experience, go at night

    2010. 1 June

    The photo taken on May 2, 2010 shows the "One Axis and Four Pavilion" area in 2010 World Expo Site in Shanghai, China. (Xinhua Photo)

    ( Try touring the Shanghai World Expo Site at night if you are tired of the endless queues, blazing sun and crowds of people during the daytime. Nighttime tickets for the Shanghai World Expo are already available, and tourists can enjoy a completely different view when night falls.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 240. Waiting time at a pavilion? Find out online

    2010. 1 June

    ( An online system that gives queue times of the most popular Expo pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai will begin on Tuesday.

    By logging onto the official Expo mobile phone website,, China Mobile Communication Corporation (CMCC) users will be able to see the number of people waiting at the 10 most crowded pavilions at that time.

    Click here >> more info...
  • 241. Italian State Tourist Board Launches Chinese Website

    2010. 1 June

    ( Italian State Tourist Board has launched its official Chinese website,, at the Italian Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo 2010.

    Caterina Cittadino, the minister of the board, stated that China currently has more than 300 million netizens and and she expected thatmost of them would choose Internet to find tourism information they need. This website will show all aspects of Italy Click here >> more info...

  • 242. Black market in Expo gift tickets thriving

    2010. 31 May

    An advert offering to pay for unwanted Expo tickets leans against a car on Chongming Island Sunday. Photo by Cai Xianmin

    by Chen Xiaoru

    ( Scalpers are buying up the free World Expo 2010 in Shanghai gift packages that are being distributed to holders of Shanghai hukou (residence permits) on Chongming Island.

    Some Chongming residents say scalpers appeared as soon as the packages were delivered to Click here >> more info...

  • 243. Shanghai Expo 2010 Turns Spotlight on Nations

    2010. 31 May

    A visitor taking pictures inside the UK pavilion.

    by Julie Makinen

    ( Two years ago, athletes from more than 190 countries came together in Beijing, vying for international acclaim on basketball courts and balance beams at the Summer Olympics. Now, a rematch of sorts is occurring in Shanghai — but this time, the competitors carrying their national flags are the architects and designers of hundreds of pavilions at a 184-day marathon of image and commerce, Expo 2010.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 244. Green Solutions

    2010. 31 May

    Siemens continues its traditional partnership with World Expos and offers its green solutions to Shanghai
    HAMBURG HOUSE: The house is located at the Urban Best Practices Area of the Shanghai Expo site (LU LING)

    by Lu Ling

    ( World Expo's China Pavilion is a large crimson building, but it's green at heart. The pavilion, a magnificent symbol of Chinese culture, is also a "green landmark" on the world stage, thanks to German company Siemens' energy-saving solutions.

    Illuminating the building, which has a vertical height of 66 meters, is not an easy Click here >> more info...

  • 245. Haibao gets to work in Inner Mongolia

    2010. 31 May

    Shanghai’s not the only place that gets to benefit the 2010 Expo’s 'Better City, Better Life' model. Roots & Shoots puts the Expo mascot to work in Inner Mongolia

    We never thought we'd see the day when Haibao got down and dirty -- but looks like we underestimated him.

    ( We always knew that Haibao got around (check out his questionable past) -- you can’t really turn around in this city without seeing his PR-loving mug -- but we didn’t quite realize his just how far he’d go until we saw this photo and had to share.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 246. Expo receives half million visitors Saturday

    2010. 30 May

    ( The Shanghai World Expo on Saturday recorded the largest daily number of visitors of more than half a million since its opening on May 1, said a report on the official website.

    The number of visitors reached 290,000 by 10:30 a.m. and rose to 503,600 by 8:30 p.m., the report said.
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  • 247. Mayors present water vision in Shanghai

    2010. 30 May

    The Swiss cities of Zurich, Basel and Geneva have shown visitors of the World Expo Shanghai 2010 different aspects of sustainable water management.

    ( Presenting their understanding of the common theme "Better Water – Best Urban Life", the three cities showcase the positive impact of clean and beautiful water on urban life quality.
    Click here >> more info...
  • 248. China Recycling Energy Corp. Entered Strategic Cooperation

    2010. 30 May

    China Recycling Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: CREG; or the "Company"), a leading industrial waste-to-energy solution provider in China, today announced that it has entered a strategic cooperation agreement ("the "Cooperation Agreement") with Norwegian government in new energy technologies and environmental protection projects.

    ( On May 27, 2010 in Shanghai, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Guohua Ku, and the representative of the Norwegian government signed the Cooperation Agreement for new energy technologies and environmental protection projects to jointly promote the development of China's industrial energy conservation.
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  • 249. European Parliament President visits Russian pavilion

    2010. 29 May

    ( President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek visited Russia's Expo-2010 pavilion in Shanghai on Saturday.

    Russia has constructed its own pavilion at the exhibition for the first time in 30 years. The 6,000-square-meter sun-shaped pavilion, dominated by fairy-tale motifs, comprises 12 white-and-gold towers symbolizing the 12 months of the year, Click here >> more info...

  • 250. SNC-Lavalin builds Canada Pavilion

    2010. 28 May

    by Peter Kenter
    ( This spring, the most recognizable piece of Canadian architecture in the world may just be the 4,800-square-metre Canada Pavilion, representing the country at the World Exposition 2010, which opened in Shanghai on May 1st.

    The construction contract for the steel-framed structure was awarded to general contractor SNC-Lavalin by Public Works and Government Services Canada on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Click here >> more info...