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  • 351. Over 20,000 people visited Russian pavilion

    2010. 2 May

    Over 20,000 people visited Russian pavilion at Shanghai World Expo
    Photo: Valeriy Melniko

    ( Russia constructed its Expo pavilion for the first time in 30 years, rather than renting one from the host country. The sun-shaped pavilion comprises 12 white-and-gold towers symbolizing the 12 months, and occupies an area of 6,000 sq. m. It showcases Russia's recent scientific and economic development, as well as offers a diverse cultural program.

    Click here >> more info...
  • 352. KMT heavyweights visit expo site

    2010. 2 May

    by Mo Yan-chih
    ( Among the tens of thousands of visitors to the World Expo in Shanghai last week were a bevy of pan-blue politicians.

    Former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairmen Lien Chan (連戰) and Wu Poh-hsiung (吳伯雄), along with People First Party Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜), arrived in Shanghai before the expo’s opening and met Chinese President Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) on Thursday.
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  • 353. ‘Expo passport’ a hot cake at Shanghai World Expo

    2010. 2 May

    by Ians
    ( Visitors at Shanghai World Expo are thronging the stalls of “Expo Passport” to buy the rare document with seals of all participating countries and carry it as a memento of their tour.

    In the first two days of the six-month event, the “Expo Passport” has become popular among hundreds of thousands of Expo visitors, who hope to take home a special souvenir. Click here >> more info...

  • 354. Quebec artist shows angels at Shanghai Expo

    2010. 2 May

    ( Quebec artist David Martel is among the artists who are showing off their work at the World Expo, which opened this weekend in Shanghai.

    The opportunity is a coup for the Sherbrooke artist, who is displaying two giant monoliths painted on Chinese red marble.

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  • 355. Otago to have presence at World Expo

    2010. 2 May

    Peter Chin

    by Chris Morris

    ( A delegation of Otago leaders will later this month attempt to make their mark on 70 million visitors to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

    The 22-strong delegation, headed by Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, Queenstown Lakes Mayor Clive Geddes and Clutha Mayor Juno Hayes, will travel to the Chinese city later this month for several days to take part in the six-month Expo, which opened with a blaze of fireworks on Saturday. Click here >> more info...

  • 356. Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Shanghai Illuminations: 1890-2010

    2010. 1 May

    by The China Beat (Blog)
    ( [Jeffrey Wasserstrom, a professor of history at the University of California, Irvine, is the author of “China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know.”]

    As I’ve noted in previous blog posts, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately giving talks about my new book, China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know. And as followers of my blog posts also know, the 2010 Expo is one of the many topics addressed in that book, where I treat it largely, as an excerpt that went online a week ago illustrates, in terms of its connections to the 2008 Beijing Games. Right now, though, I’m at Yale for a conference and preparing to give a joint presentation with Rebecca Nedostup that focuses on the Dianshizhai illustrated magazine and as a result has a closer tie to my last book, Global Shanghai, 1850-2010, than to my new one. No doubt in part because of that, when I went online just now to look at images of the Expo’s Opening Ceremonies, which took place yesterday (when it was still April 30 in the U.S. Click here >> more info...

  • 357. Ten do's and dont's

    2010. 1 May

    Ten do's

    1: Do your homework

    ( Expo 2010 Shanghai is enormous. Study maps to make your visit unforgettable. Otherwise you'll only return exhausted and empty-handed. Use travel information from newspapers and websites. Make a personal plan.

    2: Avoid peak times

    Want to save time and effort? Then avoid peak times. Don't to go during the May 1 and Oct 1 holidays, weekends or summer vacations. The number of visitors will peak between 10am and 2pm. Avoid these times. Click here >> more info...

  • 358. President Hu promises "unforgettable" Shanghai Expo

    2010. 30 April

    by Ding Lin
    ( Chinese President Hu Jintao on Friday voiced confidence of Shanghai hosting an "unforgettable" World Expo, which he said would bridge China and the world.

    Hu addressed a welcoming dinner for foreign dignitaries who would attend the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Expo on Friday evening.

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  • 359. Chinese officials open Shanghai Expo

    2010. 30 April

    by Andrew Higgins
    ( Chinese President Hu Jintao on Friday opened the most lavish and expensive world's fair in history, a gargantuan event attended by 189 countries that Chinese leaders hopes will showcase their nation as potent but unthreatening world power.

    China has spent eight years and more than $50 billion preparing for Expo Shanghai 2010, the country's first world's fair. It also launched the biggest security operation in China since the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

    The opening ceremony, held in a space-age conference hall shaped like a flying saucer, featured a song by Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, Austrian waltz music, a performance by pianist Lang Lang and a rendition of Puccini's Nessun Dorma by Italian pop tenor Andrea Bocelli. A spectacular barrage of fireworks along Click here >> more info...

  • 360. Shanghai opens Expo with dazzling display

    2010. 30 April

    Fireworks explode above the Sun Valley during the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai April 30, 2010. (REUTERS/Stringer)

    by Farah Master and Ben Blanchard /Reuters

    ( Shanghai officially opened its multi-billion-dollar Expo on Friday with a dazzling display of fireworks, lasers and dancing fountains, amid tight security and the virtual shutdown of its main Pudong financial district.

    After a rather low-key performance by singers and dancers in an indoor arena, the ceremony moved outside, with fireworks exploding off bridges and fountains Click here >> more info...

  • 361. David Atkins Enterprises Delivers the Outdoor Opening Ceremony

    2010. 30 April

    As the World Expo officially kicked off, David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) stunned the world with the largest outdoor multimedia display in history at the Opening Ceremony, which took place Friday, April 30, 2010 at 20:10 CST.

    ( "This is the first time an overseas company has been invited to independently create and produce an event of such scale within China," said David Atkins, Executive Producer and Artistic Director of the Outdoor Opening Ceremony. "We are deeply honored to have worked so closely with the Expo team over the past three years, on creating a ceremony worthy of showcasing
    Click here >> more info...
  • 362. Shanghai’s $44 Billion Expo Opens After Fireworks, Laser Show

    2010. 30 April

    Fireworks illuminate the sky over China Pavilion (R) and the Expo Axis (L) during the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai
    Photograph: Feng Li/Getty Images

    ( (Bloomberg) -- Shanghai’s $44 billion World Expo opens its gates to the public today as China’s richest city prepares to host an estimated 70 million visitors during the six-month long event.

    Chinese President Hu Jintao declared the official opening of the expo last night at a ceremony marked by fireworks, a laser show and performances by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and martial-arts film star Jackie Chan. Visiting leaders including French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso watched
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  • 363. Lamborghini Shows Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera At Expo

    2010. 29 April

    ( Automobili Lamborghini will be the main sponsor of Bologna city’s stand at Expo 2010 Shanghai, opening on May 1.

    Among the models shown by the world-famous Italian super sportscar manufacturer, the newly launched Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera will feature prominently.

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  • 364. More than 800 programs will go on Expo stage

    2010. 29 April

    by Zhang Jiawei
    ( More than 800 different programs are expected to be performed in a total of 20,000 live shows during the 184 days of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.

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  • 365. China's hundred-year dream with World Expo

    2010. 29 April

    ( With the clock ticks near the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, China is gearing up in an effort to present a successful and impressive World Expo, running from May 1 to Oct. 31.

    It was the first time for the 159-year-old World Expo to be held in a developing country since the inaugural fair in London in 1851. Following are China's connection with the event:

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  • 366. China's Hu Jintao first Chinese visitor to Russian pavilion

    2010. 29 April

    by RIA Novosti

    ( Chinese President Hu Jintao became the first Chinese visitor to attend the Russian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

    The Chinese leader on Thursday visited the Russian pavilion and checked out its exhibition. Then he made some notes in the honored guest book.

    Click here >> more info...
  • 367. Trinidad & Tobago shows the world 'We are next' at Expo 2010

    2010. 29 April

    ( Trinidad -- Trinidad & Tobago is headed to Expo 2010 Shanghai China this week to market the nation on a global stage. The nation will exhibit in the CARICOM Pavilion from the 1st of May to 31st of October, 2010 with the theme “Trinidad & Tobago: We Are Next” and highlight five areas positioned for growth: ICT, Downstream Energy, Tourism, Food & beverage, Agro-technology. Click here >> more info...
  • 368. USA Pavilion ready to go

    2010. 29 April

    by Susan Tart
    ( The drama is over. The U.S. not only will be participating in the World Expo, but it will be participating at full speed when the Expo opens Saturday.

    "We're gonna be ready. We were actually one of the last to start, but we're going to be one of the first to finish," said Martin Alintuck, director of communications for the USA Pavilion.

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  • 369. Expo Architecture: A Rendezvous of Cultures

    2010. 29 April

    ( In a former shipbuilding yard on Shanghai's Huangpu River, an array of exotic, wild and exquisite buildings are opening to millions of visitors from around the world.

    "These dream spaces could be a perfect place to shoot wedding pictures," said Yao Hongmei,
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  • 370. Expo Stamps Draw On Cultural Similarities

    2010. 29 April

    ( The cultural similarities between New Zealand and China are reflected in a New Zealand Post commemorative stamp issue released today, marking New Zealand's presence at the largest World Expo in history, Expo 2010 Shanghai China, opening on Saturday 1 May.

    The expo offers an international environment that allows New Zealand to present its nature, culture, innovation and technology, and gives New Zealand businesses an opportunity to develop and build international relationships Click here >> more info...

  • 371. Design stories behind three theme pavilions at Shanghai Expo

    2010. 28 April

    Urban Planet

    ( As hopes run high to make this year's World Expo in Shanghai a spectacular visual gala, the theme pavilions at the Shanghai Expo Park take on an unusual mission to demonstrate how a better city can make a better life.
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  • 372. China Lifts Ban on Visitors Who Are H.I.V. Positive

    2010. 28 April

    by Michael Wines
    ( Days before travelers worldwide are to begin arriving for Shanghai’s world exposition, China has lifted a two-decade ban on travel to the country by people who carry the virus that causes AIDS or who have other sexually transmitted diseases.
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  • 373. San Marino: city-state perfect for Expo theme

    2010. 28 April

    by Susan Tart
    ( The world's smallest and oldest republic is leaving a big impression at the World Expo in Shanghai. With a population of 30,000 and a geographic size of 61 square kilometers, San Marino's pavilion is naturally quite small. Just 422 square meters, it is situated inside the joint pavilion for European countries.

    While it might not be as easy to locate as some of the bigger, free-standing country pavilions, San Marino's pavilion supervisor Davide Righi says the pavilion has already been receiving lots of visitors. Click here >> more info...

  • 374. Weather Modification for Expo Unlikely

    2010. 28 April

    Tang Xu, head of Shanghai's meteorological department, speaks at a press conference on Tuesday, April 27, 2010. Tang says the city will see good weather when the 2010 World Expo opens this weekend. [Photo:]

    by Zhang Zhang

    ( The weather department in Shanghai has said it will not carry out large-scale weather modification when the 2010 World Expo opens over the weekend,
    Click here >> more info...
  • 375. Shanghai Expo designer denies mascot copy of Gumby

    2010. 28 April

    Art Clokey's Gumby character was a popular feature of Syracuse's St. Patrick's Parade for several years.(Dick Blume / The Post-Standard)

    by AP

    ( The Shanghai Expo mascot Haibao, a plump sky blue cartoon figure shaped like a stick person, is the latest target of claims event organizers may have "borrowed" some creativity for the event.

    Chinese Internet chat rooms are all atwitter over suggestions Haibao looks suspiciously like Gumby, the longtime American TV cartoon Click here >> more info...