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  • 501. Shanghai mayor to arrive tomorrow

    2010. 5 April

    by Shelley Shan
    ( Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng (韓正) is scheduled to arrive in Taipei tomorrow, leading a 200-member delegation to attend a forum on city-to-city exchanges, the Taipei City Government said yesterday.
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  • 502. Urbanization affects climate

    2010. 5 April

    by Ding Yihui
    ( World Expo 2010 Shanghai will be another landmark event for China to present itself to the world after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As a Shanghainese working in Beijing, I would like to extend my best wishes for the success of this great event.

    We all know that a World Expo lasts much longer than the Olympic Games, so the meteorological services for the former pose even greater challenges.
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  • 503. Malware Attack Disguised as China World Expo

    2010. 5 April

    ( The coming Shanghai World Expo (1 May - 31 October 2010) has been exploited by hackers to circulate malware. The alert message was sent by the reporter's group in China.

    The report tells that the mail seems to have come from the Expo Click here >> more info...

  • 504. Chinese premier to visit RI in April

    2010. 5 April

    ( Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao will visit Indonesia, on April 23-24, 2010, according to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa.

    "(Chinese Trade Minister Chen Deming) has reconfirmed the visit of the Chinese Premier on April 23-24, to Indonesia, and we are now preparing the agenda," Minister Rajasa said
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  • 505. Shanghai bans burning waste straw to ensure air quality during World Expo

    2010. 4 April

    by Xinhua
    ( Environment authorities in Shanghai will ban burning waste straw in the suburban agricultural areas to ensure air quality during the World Expo period.
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  • 506. First meteorological pavilion in 158-year history of Expo

    2010. 4 April

    Xinhua photo

    ( Meteoworld, the joint pavilion of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and China Meteorological Administration, tests its "respiration skin" at the Expo Park in Shanghai, east China, April 2, 2010. Being the first meteorological pavilion in the 158-year history of the Expo, the Meteo World, nicknamed "Cloud Droplets", was built with a white and transparent membrane structure, covered by small mist
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  • 507. Expo tourist itineraries to be launched

    2010. 4 April

    ( 70 million tourists are expected to visit Shanghai for the 2010 World Expo, a huge boom for the local economy. Authorities will introduce 10 classic visitor itineraries in mid April, to meet the needs.

    Shanghai's Urban Best Practice Areas have been incorporated into the ten tour packages. Neighboring cities participating in the UBPA project are also covered.
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  • 508. Shanghai set to step onto world stage with Expo

    2010. 4 April

    For countries like Australia and Japan, the event will be a way to help bilateral relations and perhaps even heal the wouds of their wartime past

    by D’Arcy Doran

    ( Shanghai will raise the curtain next month on the biggest-ever World Expo — where China’s most cosmopolitan city hopes to stake a claim to being in the same league as London, Paris and New York.

    Army trucks and contractors buzz around the Expo site — which is more than twice the size of Monaco — completing pavilions where more than 190 countries will show off their best in the six-month extravaganza, which opens on May 1
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  • 509. Defending the USA Pavilion

    2010. 3 April

    And no, the Shanghai World Expo is not just a trade show

    Contrary to what reporter Adam Minter wrote recently in his article, "A Sorry Spectacle: The Uninspiring Saga of the United States' World Expo Pavilion in Shanghai," the design and execution of the USA Pavilion has been not only impressive but inspiring.

    by Jose H. Villarreal

    ( The USA Pavilion, which will open its doors on May 1 as part of the first-ever World's Fair hosted in China, will showcase American values, ideas, and culture to an international audience eager for knowledge about the United States and the world.
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  • 510. France Makes Music

    2010. 3 April

    by Yang Jian
    ( France will hold a music celebration in Shanghai on June 20 as a part of the celebration for its World Expo National Pavilion Day on June 21.

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  • 511. Taiwan pavilion to join in Expo trial run

    2010. 3 April

    by Hou Lei
    ( Shanghai mayor Han Zheng said Friday that the Taiwan pavilion will join in the trial operation of 2010 Shanghai World Expo on schedule, Xinhua News Agency reported.

    The Expo trial run will start on April 20.

    Han, who is set to visit Taiwan next week, said during a meeting with Taiwan journalists in Shanghai that an important part of his visit is to promote the Expo to Taiwan public.

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  • 512. Copyright service center to be launched at Expo

    2010. 3 April

    "> by Xinhua
    ( China's National Copyright Administration and the Shanghai World Expo organizer will jointly launch a work station to provide copyright services for participants to the Expo.

    The work station will provide legal consultancy, take copyright-infringing complaints, authorize the use of copyright
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  • 513. Shanghai awaits tourism boom for world expo

    2010. 2 April

    A construction crew works in front of the US pavilion at the World Expo 2010 site in Shanghai, China, which is due to open on May 1st. Photograph: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

    by Clifford Coonan

    ( With one month to go before the World Expo 2010, China’s financial capital Shanghai is gearing up for a tourism boom as it seeks to promote China’s most glamorous city to the world with the event known as the “Economic Olympics”.
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  • 514. China to host world’s 
first green energy expo next month

    2010. 2 April

    by Karel Smrcka
    ( On May 1, Expo 2010, in Shanghai, will open its doors to the world. About 70-million visitors are expected in the Chinese metropolis. 
It is supposed to be the first green world exhibition in expo history.

    Siemens supplied most of the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the stream of visitors are accommodated in an environment-friendly manner.
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  • 515. Five things you need to know about: Shanghai Expo marketing

    2010. 2 April

    by Debby Cheung
    Debby Cheung, group managing director of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide/China, shares her insight on the highly anticipated, six month extravaganza known as World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and gives advice on how marketers can make the most of this monumental opportunity.

    1. Bring your A game.

    ( 192 countries and 50 organisations will take part in the Shanghai Expo – not to mention the brands that will jockey for position with guerilla marketing.
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  • 516. Some pavilions unfinished, but organizers confident

    2010. 2 April

    Ye Jun and Ni Dandan
    ( With one month to go before the Shanghai Expo opens on May 1, pavilion directors express their confidence in meeting the deadline while construction workers say an all-out sprint has started.

    "We'll get everything ready before the trial scheduled for mid April," Rajesh Kumar, director of the Indian Pavilion, told a delegation of journalists on Tuesday when showing them around a bamboo dome, Click here >> more info...

  • 517. HK Pavilion to get green roof

    2010. 2 April

    Go green: The plants and trees for the Hong Kong Pavilion's rooftop displays have been grown under temperature-controlled conditions in Shanghai nurseries.

    ( "Green" collaboration between Hong Kong and Shanghai will ensure a vibrant and verdant rooftop display for the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 from May to October.
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  • 518. Expo 2010 in Shanghai to boost Russian-Chinese scientific cooperation

    2010. 2 April

    The World Expo 2010 fair in Shanghai is expected to expand Russian-Chinese cooperation in scientific research, an expert with Russia's leading services corporation said on Friday.

    ( The 2010 World Expo fair is to run from May 1 to October 31 under the motto "Better City - Better Life." Some 70 million visitors are expected to attend the event.
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  • 519. CAAC upgrades civil aviation alert level for Shanghai Expo

    2010. 2 April

    ( The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) has upgraded the civil aviation alert level ahead of schedule for the upcoming World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Click here >> more info...
  • 520. Radiation devices nixed during Expo

    2010. 2 April

    by Ni Yinbin
    ( Shanghai will ban all radiation devices for engineering and industrial use during the six-month World Expo period, according to a new regulation announced yesterday.

    Under the regulation, com-panies and vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals must apply for a special license
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  • 521. Shanghai Expo To Spur Brunei Tourist Arrivals

    2010. 2 April

    by Goh De No
    ( Bandar Seri Begawan - The Brunei Tourism Board expects the Sultanate's participation in the Shanghai World Expo to spur tourist arrivals for the year.

    Jean Christophe Robles Espinosa, the board's director of marketing and promotion, told The Brunei Times that coupled with Royal Brunei Airlines' (RBA) resumption of direct flights to Shanghai, Brunei's Expo participation would net more tourists from China. Click here >> more info...

  • 522. Shanghai's Expo Is Chance For World To Court China

    2010. 2 April

    Shanghai is counting down to the May 1 opening of the 2010 World Expo. And a sign of China's political importance is the millions of dollars countries are spending to tout their national brand to the expo's expected 70 million, mostly Chinese, visitors.

    by Louisa Lim

    ( The World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904 gave the world X-rays and ice cream cones. In 1939, the New York World's fair unveiled television broadcasts, the tape recorder and nylon stockings.
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  • 523. Shanghai is ready to play host the world

    2010. 1 April

    The lighting system of the World Expo axis is tested in Shanghai, east China, March 31, 2010. The Shanghai World Expo will start trial operation on April 20 with the participation of about 70 percent of the pavilions, the organizer said on March 31 Tuesday. (Xinhua Photo)

    ( With a month to go before the World Expo 2010, Shanghai is looking to seize the limelight with promises of glitz and glamour for this year's World Exposition.
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  • 524. Expo proves boon for city residents

    2010. 1 April

    Construction and outfitting finished yesterday on the Shanghai World Expo's so-called "permanent seashell structure," officially known as the Culture Center, marking the completion of all five main buildings for the event. The others are the China Pavilion, Theme Pavilions, Expo Center and Expo Boulevard. The Culture Center will have an average of two sessions of performances every day during the 184-day Expo which opens on May 1. The center has two floors underground and four above, and comes equipped with a public ice-skating rink, a six-screen cineplex and a basketball court built to NBA standards.

    by Zhang Fengming

    ( Shanghai is about to embrace the World Expo, a six-month celebration of domestic and global innovation - and the city's residents are already big winners.
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  • 525. Shanghai gears up for Expo 2010 tourism boom

    2010. 1 April

    Alex Richardson
    ( With a month to go before the World Expo 2010, China's financial capital Shanghai is looking to seize the limelight with its promises of glitz and glamour for this year's global exhibition.

    During the past weekend, crowds of locals and tourists crowded the city's best known riverside promenade, the historic Bund, to Click here >> more info...