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  • 101. Saudi Arabia tours cost 1,000 yuan

    2010. 27 July

    by Ni Dandan

    ( With the right connections on the inside, scalpers hawking VIP entry tickets to the ever-popular Saudi Arabia Pavilion for 1,000 yuan ($147) a piece have been getting away with the business that is strictly forbidden at World Expos.
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  • 102. Next Big Thing

    2010. 26 July

    Ideas, inventions and gadgets at the Expo might revolutionize people's life SWEDISH MIND: The photo shows a corner of Hammarby Sjostad in Stockholm, a model district of energy-efficient buildings and integrated urban planning built on wharfs and docks (MALENA KARLSSON)

    by Li Li

    ( Since their inception in 1851, World Expos have been without a doubt international cultural galas where people can have a visual tour
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  • 103. London to kick off bicycle project for

    2010. 26 July

    ( The city of London is going to start a project next week to encourage people ride bicycle as the main transportation so as to make the greenest Olympics ever, said Peter Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive of London Development Agency here Monday at the Shanghai Expo.

    Bishop said at the press conference marking the beginning of "London Week", Click here >> more info...

  • 104. Be a VIP, experience Expo online

    2010. 26 July

    On the opening ceremony of "Experience Expo Online Tour."

    ( People can become VIPs at some Expo pavilions by taking part in lucky draws on the Expo Online website every week starting early next month, Expo organisers said Saturday in the opening ceremony of "Experience Expo Online Tour."

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  • 105. Jawi Calligraphers Amaze Crowd In Shanghai Expo

    2010. 26 July

    by Achong Tanjong

    ( Two calligraphy artists from Language and Literature Bureau, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports recently showcased the Brunei Jawi calligraphy writing skills as part of the sideline activity at Brunei Darussalam Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010.
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  • 106. Sri Lanka shines at Shanghai Expo 2010

    2010. 25 July

    ( Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, serving as an important platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future. Click here >> more info...
  • 107. World's Fair? What World's Fair?

    2010. 24 July

    by Janet Brindle Reddick
    ( The other day, I saw a neat picture of the World Expo that’s going on in Shanghai, and it then led me to look at the event’s fascinating website. It occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anyone I knew talking about it. I mentioned it on the blog when it started a couple of months ago. So I started asking around.
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  • 108. Nepali Pavilion witness more visitors than expected

    2010. 18 July

    Shanghai Expo 2010 is the world' s largest exposition featuring 189 international pavilions and 50 pavilions from multinational agencies.

    by Binju Sitaula

    ( Considering this Expo as a best platform to evaluate oneself and to learn from others, Nepal has also erected a biggest pavilion in its history perspiring with all efforts so that it can grab boundless opportunities during the 184 days.
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  • 109. From Expo to Chinese philosophy

    2010. 17 July

    by Andrew Sheng
    ( I just spent two days at the Shanghai 2010 Expo, enjoying not only cool weather, but also the intense debate on the world in the midst of crisis and the G20 Summit in Toronto.

    At the airport, I bought the latest book by Yi Zhongtian, arguably the most popular narrator of Chinese philosophy of this generation. His new book The Stone of My Hill is a conversational but important narrative of how the pre-Qin philosophers, Taoist, Confucius, Mozi and the Legalist schools of thought competed to explain the chaotic period during the Warring States (BC 480-221) and what solutions they brought to bear to save the times. Of course, the Taoist felt Click here >> more info...

  • 110. The Wise Man’s Timber

    2010. 16 July

    Rajesh Kumar talks about the bamboo dome constructed to represent India at the World Expo.(Associated Press)

    by James T. Areddy

    ( Hidden amongst the glass, cement and steel of Shanghai is bamboo. The spindly green grass is a feature at nine pavilions at the city’s World Expo, and proponents say the event has pushed the boundaries of how bamboo can be used.
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  • 111. Australian pavilion creates enthusiasm, laughter for visitors

    2010. 16 July

    by Yu fei and Sun Liping
    ( For Peter Sams, director of the Australian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, the happiest thing every morning is to see hundreds of visitors running from different directions to the gate of the rust-red pavilion after the Expo entrances open at 9 o'clock.
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  • 112. Trade Ministry targets 8 million visitors to Indonesia pavilion

    2010. 16 July

    Upbeat on the number of visitors to the Indonesia pavilion at the 2010 World Expo Shanghai China (WESC), the government has increased its target, aiming to receive 8 million visitors during the course of the event, a senior official says.

    ( Visitor numbers had exceeded their initial target of 3 million since the expo began on May 1, Coordinating Economic Minister secretary Eddy Abdurrahman said Thursday.
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  • 113. A World Expo flop by the U.S.

    2010. 16 July

    Our pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is a huge disappointment, failing to showcase the best of the United States.

    by Fred A. Bernstein

    ( Seeing a statue of Rachel Carson, the crusading American environmentalist, at the World Expo in Shanghai moved me almost to tears. After all, Carson is a symbol of independent thought and action, both vital U.S. exports.
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  • 114. Man who's swimming to the Shanghai Expo now quarter way there

    2010. 15 July

    by Elaine Chow
    ( It's been a week since the crazy guy who decided to swim 1200KM to the Expo started off, and look! He's still alive! Not only that, he's swimming with a massive flag attached to his back.

    56-year-old Bao Zhengbin revealed last week that he would be fulfilling a lifelong dream to swim from Wuhan to Shanghai. He's in top physical condition - allegedly, he once swum across his part of the river in Wuhan five times Click here >> more info...

  • 115. Polish pavilion in Shanghai draws crowds

    2010. 15 July

    The Polish pavilion at the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai continues to attract record numbers of visitors.

    ( The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) has announced that the national exhibit has drawn the interest of over 2.7 million people, by mid July.
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  • 116. UAE Pavilion is one of the most popular pavilions

    2010. 13 July

    The UAE Pavilion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai has maintained its position as one of the most popular pavilions at the huge EXPO event, with long queues as the site opens and remained until closing.

    ( With waiting times of more than two hours to enter the pavilion and limitations on the availability of special access,
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  • 117. VW Shows Off at Expo 2010

    2010. 12 July

    Jorn Hasenfuss and David McAllister

    by Daniel Patrascu

    ( Not so keen in advertising its presence at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, German carmaker Volkswagen was unable to resist the temptation of preparing the visit of David McAllister, the new prime minister of Lower Saxony, to its booth at the event. As you already know, Lower Saxony is the second largest shareholder in the Volkswagen group, after the owning families.
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  • 118. Antwerp Diamond Day

    2010. 12 July

    by By Julius Zheng
    ( Antwerp Diamond Day, held in the Belgian-EU Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 on June 7, was a highlight event for the pavilion. Organized by Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the event also led off the Antwerp Diamond Week festivities being held in the same venue.

    The event provided networking opportunities for expo attendees to learn about AWDC and to meet representatives of Antwerp diamond companies. An educational seminar and lectures by leading authorities on scientific diamond research were also presented.
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  • 119. Huawei's order for Aussie optical technology brings 20 jobs to NSW

    2010. 12 July

    Huawei has placed its second contract for a key component of its optical networking products with the Australian arm of Finisar, bringing 20 more jobs to NSW.

    by Stuart Corner

    ( The contract was announced by NSW premier, Kristina Keneally at Shanghai Expo at the start of NSW Week, who said: "The contract will lead to the creation of a further 20 new high-tech jobs, in addition to the 75 jobs created in the last 12 months
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  • 120. Industry Pioneers Lend Support to Drive Green Design

    2010. 12 July

    World-class Jury Assembled for the International Bamboo and Rattan Product Ideas Competition

    ( With under a month left to register for the International Bamboo and Rattan Product Ideas Competition, aspiring designers, architects and chefs all over the world will be encouraged to know their would-be creations could not land in better hands.
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  • 121. Shanghai VW sales volume surges 40%

    2010. 12 July

    Shanghai Volkswagen's star Lavida model moved more than 20,000 units again in June, pushing its first-half tally to 116,000 vehicles. [China Daily]

    ( Sino-German joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen reported 40 percent sales growth to about 447,000 vehicles in the six months to June, thanks to sparkling demand for the VW Passat and Lavida as well as the Octavia model from its Skoda brand.

    The joint venture delivered over 83,000 cars in June alone - 27.7 percent more than a year ago and 11.5 percent higher Click here >> more info...

  • 122. Expo brings youthful message to music lovers

    2010. 12 July

    ( Young expo visitors have managed to inject new energy into the big show. At the ongoing Shanghai Expo Music Festival, students from home and abroad have been expressing themselves through melody. Now let's take a listen. Click here >> more info...
  • 123. Fun Innovation A Key to Success

    2010. 9 July

    Sweden Pavilion delivers the messages of innovation, sustainability and playfulness MAP-WEARING CONSTRUCTION: The outer façade of the Sweden Pavilion is made of perforated metal in a pattern that resembles a map of downtown Stockholm (LI JUNDONG)

    by Li Li

    ( Few children visiting the Sweden Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai would want to miss the fun of riding its gigantic 14-meter slide. Offering a shortcut between the pavilion's
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  • 124. Oh, to be in North Korea's pavilion!

    2010. 9 July

    Our man in Shanghai: At Expo 2010, there are no lines to see the North Koreans' pavilion. You can also spend time in Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, and the land of Hugo Chavez. Have fun tracking international outliers.

    North Korea and Iran's pavilions sit next to each other, leading to jokes about the Axis of Evil Square. (Photo: Urso Chappell,

    by Knute Berger

    ( Forbidden fruit is always tasty, and world's fairs often offer a chance to sample it. The Shanghai Expo offered a giant fruit bowl to pick from. One remote corner of the Expo site was dubbed Axis of Evil Square for bunching the North Korean and Iranian pavilions near one
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  • 125. Untraveling 'mysterious' India

    2010. 9 July

    Visitors' first impression of the India Pavilion is likely to be its distinctive, majestic architecture, which features a crimson central dome.

    India Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo [Yuan Fang/]

    by Yuan Fang

    ( The dome was inspired by the Sanchi Stupa, which is one of the best preserved ancient Buddhist monuments in India, and is seen as a symbol of the country's 'unity in diversity."

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