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  • 201. China embraces World Cup fever despite failing to qualify

    2010. 14 June

    Despite China's failure to qualify for this year's World Cup, soccer fans across the country turned out in droves for Friday night's opening match between South Africa and Mexico.

    ( More than 300 fans gathered at the South Africa Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo on Friday before kick-off. And large screens showed the match at the Brazilian and Argentinian Pavilions,
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  • 202. Taiwanese Pearls Glitter at Shanghai's Expo

    2010. 14 June

    by Lin Hsin-ching /tr. by Jonathan Barnard
    ( In 1970, for the first time ever, a World Expo was held in a city outside of the advanced nations of Europe and the Americas. Japan, which had been experiencing rapid economic growth in the post-war era, had won the right to play host that year. With the theme of "progress and harmony for mankind," the Osaka Expo '70 attracted some 64.22 million visitors, making it the best-attended World Expo in history.
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  • 203. China to celebrate Dragon Boat festival during World Expo, World Cup

    2010. 14 June

    In addition to traditional festivities such as dragon boat races and rice dumpling feasts, the to-do-list for this year's Dragon Boat festival has two new items: touring the Shanghai World Expo and watching World Cup football.

    ( The festival, which falls on Wednesday, arises from the legend of Qu Yuan (340 BC - 278 BC), a romantic poet and minister to the king of Chu who drowned himself after he was forced into exile.
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  • 204. Yeoh taken aback by huge expo crowd

    2010. 14 June

    Star attraction: Yeoh waving to the crowd at the Malaysia Pavilion during her visit to the World Expo in Shanghai yesterday. With her are ‘Reign of Assassins’ director Su Chao-pin (second right) and Malaysia Pavilion manager Ivy See (second left).

    by Chow How Ban

    ( Actress Datuk Michelle Yeoh, who visited the World Expo here, was taken aback by the huge crowd and left after two hours.
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  • 205. Liverpool’s Shanghai Expo finale under threat over

    2010. 14 June

    The dramatic finale to Liverpool’s six-month showcase at the Shanghai World Expo may be scrapped because of a £400,000 hole in its budget.

    by David Bartlett

    ( Officials had planned to fly out the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the Wombats, and the Pagoda Youth Orchestra for the
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  • 206. Romania’s Pavilion - Presentation of the invention

    2010. 14 June

    In the area for economic forums in Romania’s Pavilion at EXPO 2010, today, June 9th, 2010, an invention titled “Method and installation to increase energy yield when burning natural combustible gas” was presented. It is an invention designed to lead to significant savings in technological processes where gas is used as fuel.

    ( Physicist Aurel Enache, one of the authors of this invention, spoke to the specialists attending the event about the invention and its major economic benefits.
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  • 207. Taipei Mayor Hao leads delegates for Taipei Culture Week

    2010. 14 June

    ( Taipei Mayor Hao Long-bin leading delegates took the first direct flight between Taipei SongShan Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Shanghai Monday morning to attend the Taipei Culture Week activities, featuring local arts, technologies and culture, the local media reported Monday.

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  • 208. Shanghai surprise

    2010. 10 June

    Shanghai is the right place at the right time. Opening on Labour Day, Expo 2010, ‘a grand gathering of the world cultures’ as its official website calls it, gives Shanghai six months to show off its wares and its vibe to more than 70 million expected foreign and Chinese visitors.

    by Nick Parsons
    ( It can lay down as well a platform for a further, maybe more permanent, place in the global limelight as it seeks to complete Beijing’s masterplan to become an international financial centre (IFC) by 2020. 
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  • 209. Ahmadinejad's China visit in doubt

    2010. 10 June

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to China may be put on hold amid tensions over UN sanctions.

    ( Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was due in China on Thursday, but unusually strong criticism of Beijing by Iran's atomic chief could cast a shadow over the trip.
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  • 210. Celestial buys 100 hours of SMG programming

    2010. 10 June

    by Jonathan Landreth
    ( Hong Kong-based Chinese entertainment company Celestial Pictures' on Thursday bought over 100 hours of programming from Shanghai Media Group's WingsMedia at the 16th Shanghai Television Festival.

    The concerts, talks shows and infotainment series Celestial licensed from SMG/Wings will air in their first run exclusively on WaTV, Celestial's four-year-old Mandarin-language,
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  • 211. Promoting Lithuania Tourism at the Expo

    2010. 10 June

    On 8 June 2010 Lithuania's Expo pavilion hosted its one millionth visitor. Officials hope that success will reap benefits for tourism in the Baltic state.

    ( When Lily He entered Lithuania’s pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo along with her family, she was the one millionth visitor in the five weeks since the Expo began. That’s an excellent response from the people of China
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  • 212. Solar Powered Eco Boat Sets Sail Near Shanghai World Expo

    2010. 10 June

    image via Solar Sailor

    by Nino Marchetti

    ( Heading to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo? if you are, and plan to check out the Huangpu River, make sure to see if you can get a cruise on the new Suntech Guosheng Solar Sailor solar and wind powered eco-ship cruising around. This innovative hybrid solar boat, with its zero emissions capability, hit the waters in the last week.
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  • 213. Louis Vuitton LV century retrospective

    2010. 10 June

    ( Bags may be a lot of people talk about mind will emerge the classic Louis Vuitton LV logo. Louis Vuitton will debut this year, the French Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, extending up to nearly a half century tradition of participation in World Expo. It is learned from the retrospective exhibition April 28 to October 31, open to the general audience.

    LV Louis in 1904 at the Pavilion

    In 1867, Louis Vuitton in Paris the first time,
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  • 214. Agreeable for Tourists

    2010. 9 June

    China Representative Office for the Tunisian National Tourist Office formally inaugurated in Beijing

    by Zeng Wenhui & Liu Jian

    ( Slim Tlatli, Tunisia's Minister of Tourism, formally inaugurated the China Representative Office for the Tunisian National Tourist Office (TNTO) on June 1 in Beijing. This event was part of the activities during the Tunisian Tourism Week between June 1 and 6.

    "The establishment of the China office is to provide easy access and a platform for Chinese to learn more about Tunisia, Click here >> more info...

  • 215. Cirque du Soleil creates quirky Canada vision

    2010. 8 June

    by D'Arcy Doran
    ( At Canada's prism-shaped World Expo pavilion in Shanghai, dayglo-suited businessmen juggle bowling pins, royal guards march in "bearskin" hats made of flowers and hockey players zoom on roller blades.

    After going into orbit last year when founder Guy Laliberte orchestrated a multimedia show from the International Space Station featuring U2, Cirque du Soleil is re-imagining its homeland for Click here >> more info...

  • 216. Ancient Babylon city present at Expo

    2010. 8 June

    ( The Shanghai World Expo with the theme "Better City, Better Life", not only displays advanced ideas for urban life, but some old ideas as well, including some from mankind's oldest city Babylon. The ancient urban center, which had its heyday about 4,000 years ago, is also exhibited at the Babylon's city gate serves as the entrance of the City Origin hall of the Urban Footprints Pavilion. Click here >> more info...
  • 217. PGMA leaves for Shanghai World Expo on June 8

    2010. 7 June

    ( President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is scheduled to leave for Shanghai, China on June 8, after meeting with former US Vice President Al Gore.

    President Arroyo is scheduled to attend the Philippine Pavilion Day at the Shanghai Expo, which also coincides with Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day. Click here >> more info...

  • 218. Expo for a greener future

    2010. 7 June

    Many green technologies, especially energysaving home appliances are on display at the expo that will continue to benefit the city’s environment long after the event has closed.

    by Sagoon Kruthanawat

    ( Asia, one of the world's highest emitters of greenhouse gases, is looking hard at ways that would help it to reduce its emissions and some of these technologies are very much visible in the ongoing World Expo in Shanghai.
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  • 219. Mermaid keeps them guessing

    2010. 7 June

    by John Honeywell
    ( Even though the the Little Mermaid's holiday in China has been widely reported, there were still lots of disappointed faces in Copenhagen yesterday among hundreds of people turning up at her rock on the sea shore.

    There were four cruise ships in port; P&O's Azura was joined by MSC Orchestra, Costa Atlantica, and Iberotour's Grand Mistral.

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  • 220. Expo 2010 Shanghai: Is it worth it?

    2010. 7 June

    The Expo Axis, a 2010 Shanghai Expo landmark, as seen at night. (photo: CFP)

    by Waldemar Pfoertsch

    ( For the last 150 years, world fairs and world expos have been held all over the globe. Now, it is Shanghai's turn to shine. Thanks to the foresight of the International Exhibitions Bureau and the Shanghai municipal government, Expo 2010 has been timed to take place at the beginning of a new era: China's integration into the world.
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  • 221. Shanghai’s $58bn Expo and the sums that don’t add up

    2010. 7 June

    The authorities have tried to spread visitor numbers throughout the day to reduce queuing at the Shanghai expo. Nick Ut / AP

    by Daniel Bardsley

    ( Expo 2010 has a profile in China almost as big as the bill the event has run up.

    The six-month exposition on either side of the Huangpu River that runs through China’s business capital has attracted daily coverage in the government-controlled newspapers and television stations.
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  • 222. Shoppers find new paradise at Expo site

    2010. 7 June

    by Lu Feiran
    ( The World Expo site has become a haven for shoppers with specialties sold in national pavilions the most popular items.

    So far, the "Pavilion France" perfume, skin care products in the Australia Pavilion and reindeer skins in the Finland Pavilion have been the most popular items.
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  • 223. A Mechanism Aiming To Build Trust

    2010. 7 June

    The Strategic and Economic Dialogue facilitates better understanding between the United States and China

    by Bonnie Glaser

    ( p>After a year of ups and downs in the Sino-American relationship, the second round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) was held in Beijing from May 24-25. The two days of in-depth discussions provided an opportunity for senior officials from both countries with responsibility for diplomatic and economic issues to exchange views on an ever-expanding agenda of bilateral, regional and global problems.

    The talks yielded no surprises: In areas that the United States and China have overlapping interests, they agreed to enhance cooperation and where their interests diverge they tried to better understand each other's positions and pledged to keep talking.

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  • 224. Southern European countries need to cut deficit

    2010. 4 June

    Euro zone countries, especially those in southern Europe, need to cut their budget deficits to show that they can live within their means, Chancellor George Osborne said on Friday.

    ( Osborne, visiting China ahead of the G20 meeting this weekend in the South Korean city of Busan, said that Britain's planned austerity measures to cut the budget deficit
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  • 225. Security systems from Bosch for World Expo 2010

    2010. 3 June

    ( Full security for visitors provided by state-of-the-art video surveillance and public address systems.

    · Bosch systems contributing to smooth and efficient running of the event

    · 700 Bosch cameras and a Bosch Allegiant Matrix System protect the prestigious China Pavilion

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