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Australian pavilion

The Australian Pavilion

( Australia’s impressive pavilion, designed by Melbourne-based Think OTS in association with Wood Marsh Architects, presents the Australian story through three acts – ‘Journey’, ‘Discover’, ‘Enjoy’.

Based on previous expo experience, we expect our pavilion will attract some seven million visitors, predominantly from China, over the six months of Expo. Our aim is for all our visitors to leave our pavilion better informed about contemporary Australia and keen to forge closer ties between China and Australia through trade, investment, tourism, academic, people-to-people and cultural contacts.

They will first take a journey which introduces them to the sights, sounds and stories of Australia through sophisticated and engaging exhibits.

Visitors will then discover through an innovative main show how our cities have become global centres of excellence that demonstrate Australians’ ability to respond creatively and effectively to the challenges that are embodied in the Expo theme ‘Better City, Better Life’. 

Finally, our visitors will enjoy an extensive program of contemporary culture and the arts, and sample the flavours of Australia in our third act.

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Act One: Journey

Our visitors’ experience starts at Act 1, a series of walk-through exhibitions located along the 160 metre-long ramp that wraps around the pavilion, giving glimpses of the expo outside, and leading visitors deeper into the building.

In Act 1 visitors will gradually leave behind them the noise, heat and bustle of the expo site as they are drawn into our story. Here they will be introduced to the multi-faceted population of Australia, and the richness and diversity of modern Australian society. 

In Act 1 we will profile the capital cities of Australia’s states and territories, sharing with visitors the stories of some of the individuals who have shaped our past, created our present, and are helping lead Australia into the future.

The natural progression of Act 1 creates a sense of journey, engaging visitors as they move toward the main theatre of Act 2.

Act Two - Discover

Act 2, the main show in the pavilion theatre, uses cutting-edge, audio-visual technology, presenting our story in a way that is innovative, creative and memorable.

In Act 1, visitors were introduced to the characters of our Australian story.  In Act 2 they explore the expo theme from these characters’ points of view in a theatre-in-the-round, which accommodates up to 1,000 people.

Here, visitors discover the diversity of Australia, through a spectacular show that highlights both the familiar and also the unexpected.

Act Three: Enjoy

Act 3 is set in a beautiful landscaped atrium that invites visitors to enjoy what we have to offer.

This is a relaxed space where guests can choose to spend as much time as they have available. It is a place where exploration is rewarded with displays, building on the Act 2 themes and characters, located and sometimes hidden within the landscape.

It also includes the commercial, food and entertainment options. The stage, featuring varied cultural performances, is central to this area.

It’s a space for enjoyment, relaxation and reflection on the Australian pavilion experience.