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Icelandic Pavilion

Icelandic Pavilion

The concept for the Icelandic Pavilion is to create the image of an ice cube made of backlit printed fabric on the exterior that captures the complex ice patterns that are only visible within a glacier.

Inside the Pavilion a short movie will be projected on to white screens along the walls and ceiling that make up an all encompassing sound and image capsule. The idea is to transfer visitors to Iceland.

The atmosphere inside the pavilion will be cooled down and dehumidified below common practice to create a cool and tranquil little Iceland at the heart of the World Expo.

The Icelandic Expo pavilion seeks to explain the fundamental relationship between nature and energy on one hand and Iceland's people, urban areas and culture on the other.

Using a surrounding high definition video projection, a story of survival and success unfolds, bringing visitors from the Shanghai Expo to the peaceful and crystal clean environment of Iceland.

Visitors to our Pavilion in Shanghai will get the feeling that they are approaching a cool refreshing sanctuary within the hot and humid city of Shanghai.

The front entrance will be clad with Icelandic lava stone which will incorporate TV monitors displaying information on Iceland's nature, culture and economy.