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Sustainable development

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"Sustainable development is not an unknown concept today. Since its existence over decades, a number of newspaper articles and radio programmes have dealt with the issue. The matter of sustainability expanded beyond the scope of international scientific conferences, and has become an internal element of government aims and corporate strategies.

At the same time however, many different explanations exist for this concept. And exactly this is where the problem lies: we are still concerned with clarifications instead of working towards saving the future of our planet and our children. Because sustainable development means no less than maintaining the existence of mankind...

We wish to do this by providing space for mutual thought, raising attention to the importance of action, offers examples of solution, and, by initiating the Reader to think in a sustainability-conscious way, increases the number of those who are willing to change..."

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Mónika Fülöp
Deputy Chief Editor

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"People are the starting point for sustainable development"
Professor Guy Turchany